About Us

We do not believe in mass production, but rather in bespoke creations. We produce a limited amount of hammock chairs per fabric colour and design.  I strongly believe that there is a hammock chair for every person and every occasion.  Create your own space to relax and enjoy “time out”. 

Meet our team

Our mission is to create products that everybody wants in their lives. 

My passion for uniqueness and our fury friends is an essential part of my life. 

Therefore the J’ai Du team includes all the important components of my passion. 💖

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I am always driven to exceed my Clients expectations. My Passion and Pride lie in the perfect creations we make for our satisfied Clientelé. 

Life is full of opportunities and we miss so many because we neglect the small things in life that count the most. 

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Isis became part of the family when her adopted parents moved to Gauteng and couldn’t take her with.  She sees them very often, but prefers to remain a Capetonian.  Don’t let her charm and loving personality give you the wrong impression.  Because of her persistence, stubbornness and ‘pickiness’ I have decide to let her run the financial side.  

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Mia is also an adopted feral who stole my heart the moment I saw her. She is loving but don’t get on her wrong side.  She impresses very quickly and steals hearts where ever she goes, although she is not easily impressed. Because she is very inquiring and always roaming, I have decide she is the best suited to marketing.  Mia enjoys browsing around, knows everything and everyone. 

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Cloë was a very tiny sickly feral when I adopted her.  For the first 18 weeks of her life we visited the vet more that I can remember. Today she is adorable and loving kitty with a very strong will power to succeed in everything she does.  Don’t try to rush her into anything you want her to do.  She takes her time, is precise and enjoys keeping busy. She believes in good food and a fiesta after a project is completed.


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Our advantages

The things that make us special


Bespoke colours and fabrics for your design We create new lines and designs for our Clinetelé


We provide flexible design of our Chairs and sleeping hammocks. We can create items once off depending on requirements. ​


We can add logo's designs and fabric colours to make your chairs and sleeping hammocks truly 'one of a kind' ​


Installation is quick and simple. We provide all the hardware you will require to install your Hammock - Chair, Sleeper or Swing. ​