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J'ai Du, we provide hammock chairs for everyone, individually hand crafted, always special.

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Everyone of our Hammock-Chairs are individually handmade to order. Our chairs are produced using only the finest upholstery and outdoor canvas.

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We make use of a network of Courier Companies, so delivery to where you are is no problem.

100% Satisfaction

We love what we do, and that always shows in our products. We know that you will be happy.


Every hammock chair is individually handmade.  I only use the highest quality upholstery and outdoor canvas fabric. 

Our hammock chairs consist of 3 layers premium fabric for maximum durability and strength.  Our outdoor waterproof canvas hammock chairs are double layered. 

Each chair is crafted with 8 double ‘sash cord’ (5mm) ropes per side.  The anchor ropes we use to hang our hammock chairs are ‘sash cord’ (16 mm) rope with a heavy duty carabiner. We also included the wooden bar to hang your chair from.

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